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sponsorship program

The biggest problem with eating appropriately is that it is more expensive than the cheap, unhealthy foodstuffs that have become so normal in our culture. 

Can't afford a bag? Contact us to setup a sponsored bag for you or for someone you know!


If you want to make it easier for families to eat this way, you can pay for another family to receive a bag in conjunction with yours. 


Don't like everything in the bag? Not able to use it all? Give it to your neighbors or simply leave the item behind and we will distribute it for you. If extra items are available, you can always exchange for an equal value. 

2019 Pickup Dates  -  [Benfer Farmhouse Barn  -  6pm]

December 14th |  January 18th  |  February 22nd  |  March 22nd  | Future Dates TBD

evergreen food co-op

Producing and consuming...the way it's supposed to be. 

Our Co-Op exists to support place economy practices, keep money in our economic proximity, and promote a healthier place that can move towards sustaining indefinitely. 

A grocery alternative for you to eat healthier, support our producers, & reimagine our place's future. 


how does it work?

  1. Sign up and choose your payment ($60 / one time purchase | $200 / third-year commitment equaling $50 per bag)

  2. Pay online or in person with check or cash (online payments require a small transaction fee).

  3. Pickup your bag at Farmhouse Sabbath every month (for current dates, see our Event Page or FHS Facebook Page) Note: Alternative pickup options can be arranged.

  4. Cook, eat, & enjoy.


what's included?

A typical monthly bag of foodstuffs will include an equivalent or greater amount of food than you would get at the store for the same price.

A generous share of community produced groceries:

  • Meat

  • Cheese

  • Produce - fruit & vegetables

  • Eggs

  • Grain

  • Herbs

  • A Speciality item - coffee, vinegar, honey, sauces, etc.

  • Extra goods based on seasonal availability.

*Vegetarian options are available

*Don't know what to make? Don't worry. Featured recipes are included for the products you receive. 

ready to eat like we ought to?

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