Farmhouse director application

Looking for: An individual who wants to reimagine the church by creating new ways to foster the health of our rural place for little compensation while taking on a responsibility to prioritize healthy individuals, relationships, community, social systems, and ecology. If you believe compelling us to be the best versions of ourselves and building a better world are forms of meaningful work and are willing to accept high demands of carrying a weird church forward, then this is for you.

position description

Oversees the enterprises of Farmhouse Sabbath & Farmhouse Market. 

Training Salary: $10,000 Salary: $15,000

Phase One Job Description For This Position:

I. Farmhouse Sabbath

  1. Finalize details for all FHS content — Food, drink, market, music (in coordination with the Resident Artist).

  2. Advertise events — create media and event info; push advertisements on social media and in the community. 

  3. Connect with the community and elicit participation & volunteers. 

  4. Raise support via Patreon & solidify sponsors for each event. 

  5. Prepare, execute, and oversee setup and cleanup of each event.

II. Youth Experiences

  1. Plan, organize, & execute events for youth formation (including mission, service, or other experiences and projects). May be done in cooperation with other events (4.5 in Toledo, retreats, etc). 

  2. Communicate with community members and parents for event information, including advertising events. 

  3. Organizes volunteers to assist with various events. 

III. Youth Large Event

  1. Plan, organize, and execute rhythmic events for youth to have an open, public space (similar to FHS). Can be done in cooperation with other organizations in the area. 

  2. Communicate with community members and parents for event information. 

  3. Organize volunteers to be present at each event. 

IV. Evergreen Food Co-Op

  1. Organize and source items for monthly bags — including the decision making for bag contents

  2. Advertise and solicit subscribers for monthly bags

  3. Communicate with all subscribers the week of distribution

  4. Prepare the Co-Op distributions, execute the distribution, and organize all materials for clean up. 

Approximate Time Estimations:

  • Farmhouse Sabbath — 4 hours per week (16 hours per monthly event)

  • Youth Experiences — 2 hours per week (8 hours per event)

  • Youth Large Event — 2 hours per week (8 hours per event)

  • Co-Op — 2 hours per week (8 hours per monthly distribution)

  • Staff Requirements — 2-3 hours per week

Phase Two Job Description For This Position:

Upon completion of training period goals as established by the SPPRC, added job descriptions will be:

V. Farmhouse Market

  1. Create a more consistent means of Co-Op distribution (using the “Farmhouse Provisions” concept as a guide). 

  2. Begin agricultural production and oversee farm, garden, or homesteading projects. 

  3. Connect with other community members and organizations to help incubate startups using our land. 

  4. Create workshops for the community. 

VI. Youth Mentoring (Discipleship) Program

  1. Assist volunteers to establish long term relationships with youth similar to Big Brothers / Big Sisters, but with an emphasis on discipleship and formation. 

  2. Communicate with youth and parents to fulfill Safe Sanctuary requirements

  3. Functionally engage with several mentoring relationships

  4. Communicate with volunteers to check in and oversee the ongoing relationship with a mentored youth. 

*Note on this position — quantitative income for Farmhouse Sabbath and Farmhouse Market are expected by the end of 2020. This positions performance evaluation will dependent on an eventual goal of $2000 per monthly FHS event and $500 net income for each Co-Op distribution. Training period goal will be initially developed in conjunction with the SPPRC. 

Approximate Time Estimations:

  • Farmhouse Market (Production) — 4 hours per week (dependent on seasonality and current range of products)

  • Farmhouse Market (Startups) — 1 hour per week

  • Youth Mentoring — 3 hours per week (8 hours per event)


  1. All staff are required to attend weekly meetings with the Executive Director and pursue some form of discipleship.

  2. All staff are required to be present at SPPRC meetings, unless noted by the Appointed Pastor and SPPRC Chair

  3. All staff are encouraged to attend other leadership meetings, as necessary. 

  4. All staff roles are also subject to additional tasks as determined by the Executive Director. 


  1. Experience in unique, entrepreneurial non-profit and / or church environments.

  2. Event organization experience.

  3. Skilled organizational communication.

  4. Desire to lead a reimagined version of church.

  5. Desire to impact rural communities.

  6. Social work experience or background with youth.

  7. Skilled at volunteer recruitment.

  8. Strong work ethic that will take ownership of all responsibilities and that values meaningful work over high pay.

  9. Agricultural experience and a disposition towards agrarian practices.

  10. Networking and fundraising skills.

  11. Working knowledge on the vision and practices of The Farmhouse as well as a commitment to lead The Farmhouse on its continued journey.

  12. Willingness to learn and ability to generate vision specific to our community.

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