Formation Director Application

Looking for: An individual who wants to reimagine the church by creating new ways to foster the health of our rural place for little compensation while taking on a responsibility to prioritize healthy individuals, relationships, community, social systems, and ecology. If you believe compelling us to be the best versions of ourselves and building a better world are forms of meaningful work and are willing to accept high demands of carrying a weird church forward, then this is for you.

Position description

Responsible for formational practices and spaces in the community. 

Training Salary: $10,000 Salary: $15,000

Reports to:  Executive Director

Phase One Job Description For This Position:

I. Youth Church & Live Event Formation

  1. Establishes curriculum in coordination with Resident Teacher. 

  2. Organizes volunteers to execute the space for each group level, including nursery. 

  3. Communicates as necessary with volunteers and parents / guardians, including Safe Sanctuary information. 

II. Organize Safe Sanctuary Implementation

  1. Ensure that all Safe Sanctuary documentation is filled out properly, make documents available to volunteers and families, & oversee the execution of background checks for volunteers.

III. Micro-Communities 

  1. Create new micro-communities in relationship with community members by establishing criteria, logistics, and assisting an established facilitator with initial communication systems. 

  2. Oversees micro-communities by occasional attendance and by meeting with the facilitator, offering advice, challenges, and ideas. 

  3. Helps micro-communities stay true to their purpose as acting as a form of church that guests can enter into. 

IV. Farmhouse Open Spaces

  1. Creates, organizes, advertises, and executes all Farmhouse Opens Spaces (including FHC, Open Media Night, and Open Art Night in conjunction with the Resident Artist). Content can be delegated to others as necessary 

  2. Considers other possible uses for Open Spaces, especially nights not currently filled by an event. 

Approximate Time Estimations:

  • Youth Church & Safe Sanctuary — 6 hours per week

  • Micro-Communities — 3 hours per week

  • Staff Requirements — 2-3 hours per week

  • Farmhouse Open Spaces — 1 hour per week (4 hours per monthly event)

Phase Two Job Description For This Position:

Upon completion of training period goals as established by the SPPRC, added job descriptions will be:

V. Youth Micro-Communities

  1. Assists volunteers, whether adults or youth, in the creation, organization, and execution of youth micro-communities. 

  2. Maintains connection with facilitators to assist the micro-communities

VI. Retreats & Other Events

  1. Creates, organizes, advertises, and executes (whether themselves or through delegation) retreats or other events to be hosted by The Farmhouse. 

VII. Teaching & Discipleship — occasionally teaches content; has ongoing discipleship relationships.

Approximate Time Estimations:

  • Youth Micro’s — 4 hours per week

  • Retreats & Other Events — dependent on event schedule

  • Teaching & Discipleship — 5 hours per week


  1. All staff are required to attend weekly meetings with the Executive Director and pursue some form of discipleship.

  2. All staff are required to be present at SPPRC meetings, unless noted by the Appointed Pastor and SPPRC Chair

  3. All staff are encouraged to attend other leadership meetings, as necessary. 

  4. All staff roles are also subject to additional tasks as determined by the Executive Director.


  1. Experience in unique, entrepreneurial non-profit and / or church environments.

  2. Skilled interpersonal and group communication — especially with diverse groups of people.

  3. Skilled organizational communication.

  4. Desire to lead a reimagined version of church.

  5. Desire to impact rural communities.

  6. Teaching and writing background, especially of curriculum or other formational content.

  7. Skilled at volunteer recruitment.

  8. Strong work ethic that will take ownership of all responsibilities and that values meaningful work over high pay.

  9. Strong understanding of theology, exegesis, social sciences, and organizational development.

  10. Networking and fundraising skills.

  11. Working knowledge on the vision and practices of The Farmhouse as well as a commitment to lead The Farmhouse on its continued journey.

  12. Willingness to learn and ability to generate vision specific to our community.

  13. A consideration to enter into the candidacy process of the United Methodist Church.

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