Let's Not Stay Where We Are

What causes us to stay where we are? Why should we embrace the tension of what is possible?

We talk about walls of water versus mud, gratitude, imagination, Resurrection, creation, Douglas Mawson, a story from Tracy York on rethinking sticks and stones, and, of course, a special appearance by our friend Don Schiewer to discuss the best way to embrace transformation.

Loneliness, A Remedy, & Community - [Public Vs. Private Vs. The Dance]

What does it mean to be a community? How is this different than a public or a private existence? What are the ingredients and how do we begin to embody them? And what does this have to do with loneliness and psychological asymmetry?

Plus, a special Object Reflection in which Randi Linehan loses some hair.

Object Reflection begins at 4:00.

Content begins at 16:00.

Video Note - "The Innovation of Loneliness" by BOLD Studio.

A Corporate New Year Resolution Process

In anticipation of a new year to come & in response to our experience in Advent, its time to “rachaf” our way into 2019.

Here is our conversation on change, Noah Martis’ new guitar, our embodiment of looking ahead by looking backward, and our hopes to define our existence for the year to come.

Also included, “The Story of the King” — a story to frame how we understand incarnation.

[Christmas Eve] - ...But a Baby Has Been Born - (The Great Reversal & the Great Invitation)

In the midst of Advent’s experience, we finally see hope. But the hope implies something.

Our journey through Advent has brought us here…to the good news of a baby; that the world is about to turn, that the world is getting put back together, but also that the Divine has said, “Let’s make this thing good again.” So let’s. This is the Great Reversal, but it is also the Great Invitation.

[Advent] - Week 4 - Moving From Darkness Towards Light

How do we have hope? How do we make space for the Divine to come? By replicating the process of a seed buried, of a caterpillar in cocoon, and by embodying a life that makes hope necessary.

A special announcement is included at the beginning of a situation that arose in Evergreen dealing with the Farmhouse.

Also included are poems read by Amie Brodie & a meditation to take us into the reality of the empty manger.