how we become more human

Communal groups designed to experience authentic community, evolve as human beings,

& re-tell our stories towards the pattern of health we are created for. 

Ready to join or create a micro-community? Get started by contacting us here.

what is it?

the primary medium of our community

To be a part of The Farmhouse is to participate in a micro-community. We assume that if you identify with this community, this is the priority of your involvement. 


groups of 12(ish) people | Families

Meeting together regularly to be formed by the relationships, content, & community of the small group.


a new, yet ancient, practice of church & community

From the essence of a tribe that has sustained for thousands of year to the early church community structure and, especially, John Wesley's class system of:

Journeying as disciples together by having intimate, vulnerable, formative contact on a regular basis. 

what do micro's do?

Micro's are people gathering around meals or story sharing or hanging out or watching documentaries or having discussion groups or, even, Bible Studies. 

Micro-Communities exist on an infinite spectrum of what the can be. Here is a guide for what might be involved:

regular gatherings

Intimate contact on a regular basis. These gatherings are "church" in the sense described in our Manifesto where a small group of people journey together. 

If "small groups" is a lens you are familiar with, it is kind of like that - except that these are more important than "church services". Micro's are the priority, not a further step for people who want more. We don't mature to micro-community involvement, we start with it. 

pattern of life

Each micro-community agrees to a "Rule of Life," or pattern, that defines its covenantal life together. While this is centered on pursuing health, the content varies as to how you agree to do this. Some options include:

  1. Sharing Stories - formally or informally through intentional conversation
  2. Formation Material - using Biblical texts, media resources, or other readings. 
  3. Accountability - think AA. Being accountable to the group and the rule of life.
  4. Spiritual Practices - prayer, Eucharist, meditation, liturgy, fasting, etc.
  5. Communal Acts - anything from meals to coffee or other creative activities.
  6. Projects & Mission - discovering the needs of our place and seeking to meet them. 

how do i get started?

1. Get together with a group of people (dinner is a good way to get started).

2. Decide on the content listed above.

3. Begin the journey & maintain a regular commitment. 

Want help? Just contact us & we will walk through the process with you.