[On Being a Rural Church] - Sometimes Progress Isn't Always Progress

Part 4 - Technology & "Advancement"  

[a teaching series about the role of the church, how economy works, and why rural communities have a divine responsibility]

If we take these limits seriously and choose this economic + communal reality as a church in our communities and in our place - it has some implications that deal with civilization, advancement, technology, and "progress". Essentially, we find ourselves in the same world as Genesis 1-11 and the warning being spoken then is a warning being spoken to us, as well.

We spent five weeks exploring what it looks like for us to be a "Rural Church" - both words being loaded with really important implications. We explored everything from economy to agrarianism to ecology to technology and, of course, food.  Our entire gathering was framed around this experience - celebrating this identity and using all sorts of mediums, especially poetry and song, to allow us to be formed through the power of art. We wish we could capture the whole gathering with us, but you would have had to be there for that part. We were, however, able to capture the sermons, so you can still experience those.