[On Being a Rural Church] - Place Economy

Part 3 - Place Economy  

[NOTE: This audio has been removed. For the idea of place economy, please listen to the first several minutes of this uploaded audio]

Jeremiah 29v4-7 can't stop with just the shalom idea...because embedded in its command is the implication that it functions within a place. The church, then, is ordained to bring shalom to a certain "place" - hence "place economy". We explore that idea, what is involved in it, and how we do it - allowing ourselves to be restrained by our limits and implicating ourselves in a permanent way to choose our place, take responsibility for it, and truly "be" where we are - to be a place that functions for, exists for the good of, and is maintained by the place.   [though we do not have audio for this teaching, if you listen to the beginning of PART 4 there is a synopsis of the idea]   

We spent five weeks exploring what it looks like for us to be a "Rural Church" - both words being loaded with really important implications. We explored everything from economy to agrarianism to ecology to technology and, of course, food.  Our entire gathering was framed around this experience - celebrating this identity and using all sorts of mediums, especially poetry and song, to allow us to be formed through the power of art. We wish we could capture the whole gathering with us, but you would have had to be there for that part. We were, however, able to capture the sermons, so you can still experience those.