We are transitioning our identity to The Farmhouse.

Here's everything you need to know:

what is "the farmhouse"?

The essence of our identity is guided by two questions:

What ought our community look like?

What else could The Church look like?



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what does that look like?

We are seeking to fulfill the identity of the church in a new way for a new day...which is actually an ancient-rooted way manifesting itself in a new landscape of the world today. 

As a tribe existing to put this humanity project back together, we dream to exist in our place to nurture its health  -  to make all parts of our place more the way they are meant to be. 

How do we do this?

A Place to Gather

There are private spaces (i.e., homes) & commercial spaces (i.e., restaurants & businesses). We exist to be a third space. A community hub. A public square. 

Our barn is a place for our community to gather - whether at our Farmhouse Sabbath, our Live Events, our Open Spaces, or at events spurred by the community. 

Anyway our community is able to gather, connect, & experience transformation together in practicing being a healthy community captures our identity of being a Public Space. 

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an identity to guide

We start with a Public Space, but we exist to have that space empower & develop how our community functions. 

To be a healthy place begins with healthy social systems which begins with healthy communities which begins with healthy relationships which begins with healthy individualsAll parts of our place ought to flourish how they are meant to be because we are here.

Whether through our Farmhouse Market, our regular or special events, our micro-communities, our CAST Distribution, our coaching or relational formation, or simply how we as individuals engage our life together - we exist as an overarching organism that supports, promotes, & cares for our communal life together. 

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What about the barn?

While "The Farmhouse" already exists, a few things still need to happen:

  1. Finish building the barn & move all components of our community to its location.

  2. Complete the transition of our identity, leadership, new pieces of our organizational model.

  3. Re-Launch & begin the journey!


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unfortunately, this isn't free...

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