What else do you do in the barn?

Outside of Farmhouse Sabbath, our weekly live events, our open spaces, & its use by our leadership and micro-communities - here's what else might be happening in the barn:

  1. Workshops
  2. Barn Stations - sensory stations to engage with different seasons. Expect to find three a year - Advent, Lent, & Summer. 
  3. Classes - from marriage to parenting to finances and beyond. 
  4. Retreats
  5. Community Use - from wellness events to community events
  6. Special Events & Concerts
  7. Youth Barn Nights

Want to know when these events are happening?

The Farmhouse Event Page

The Farmhouse Facebook Page

Coaching, Mentoring, & Discipleship

Interested in any of these relational formation options? 

  • Coaching - life, health, & wellness coaching to take individuals through the process of changing.
  • Mentoring - our primary interactions with youth to develop healthy, guiding relationships for their growth.
  • Discipleship - a long-term, formal process for individuals to develop as human beings.

Contact us for more information or to get started by setting up an appointment with a leader. 

Community formation

A space before our gathering to explore texts, theology, & discipleship communally. A mixture of our gathering & a micro-community. 

9:00am  |  Sunday Mornings

is there anything for youth?


We create all of our spaces to be intergenerational and family friendly. We hope that even our youngest participants can equally engage in anything we do. 

Live Events

We have specific spaces for various age groups at our weekly gatherings. For more information on them, visit our Weekly Live Event Page


Consistent meetings to grow & form youth and develop healthy, guiding relationships. To get started with a mentor, contact us

youth micro-community

Our youth meet regularly in a micro-community style. For information on our next gathering, check our Event Page or contact us

cast - community resource disbursement

A community food and resource distribution for our neighbors in Evergreen. 

For more information on donating, volunteering, or utilizing this service - visit our CAST Page