What if...

Our community had a public space?

To belong together as neighbors.


Our community had a public presence?

To develop our place into the best version of itself.



Farmhouse Sabbath

Monthly Barn Parties

A communal space to practice & experience a healthy community. 


Weekly Gathering

Sunday Morning Live Event

A space to reimagine our identity to become more human & form our community. 


Intentional & Intimate Communal Groups

How we evolve as human beings and connect via relationships. 


Farmhouse Open Spaces

Weekly Public Spaces

Rediscovering the art of the Public House. Communal events offered while the barn is open. 

Farmhouse Market

Practicing Place Economy

Living properly where we are through economic, ecological practices for the good of our place.


Everything Else

Want More Info?

Here's everything else - from using the barn to what else we do and the details beyond.



The Farmhouse is a Barn,
but it's also a Body. 

We exist to foster the health of our place.

To find out more about our identity, who we are, & why we do what we do,
read through our Founding Document: