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Click the image to keep Farmhouse Sabbath free & Help us improve the event!

Click the image to keep Farmhouse Sabbath free & Help us improve the event!

How we live out this story

Farmhouse Sabbath is the primary expression that defines our life together

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what is it?

We throw barn parties.

Because barn parties can change the world.

So we gather together once a month in an old barn in the middle of nowhere to rest & party as a community. 

And when we do, we are being transformed into healthier human beings with healthier relationships pursuing healthier, connected community of neighbors, and a healthier, flourishing place. Because we are only healthy if all the parts of our place are healthy.

And if we can do that, it will change the world


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our space

Here's what you can expect:

- It is a public, communal space where we engage with food + drink in a particular way, art + music in a particular way, & hang out sharing stories in a particular way. It is the ancient tribal campfire of the 21st century.

- Everything is built around our concept of "Place Economy" that captures our vision of making our place the way it is meant to be & telling a different story to imagine a different future for our place. 

We hope that what happens in the barn forms us to live in proper relation to all the parts of our place, all the time.

  1. Food & Drink - local chefs & restaurants takeover our kitchen making gourmet pub & street food that is from our place and sustains our place with crafted sodas + fermented drinks. Everything is organic, local, natural, & homemade as much as possible.

  2. Art & Music - local musicians & even internationally recognized musicians stop by who perform quality, meaningful, & transformative music. Local artists showcase & sell their work.

  3. Neighbors - a relaxed place to have conversation and hang out - strengthening your current relationships and building new ones! If you show up, you automatically have the opportunity to develop relationships.

  4. Stories - individuals from the community will share their story in a way that connects us with them & allows us to be changed from what we hear to tell a different story in the world we live in.

  5. Other Activities - always be on the look out from fire throwing jugglers, children's activities, competitions, + other forms of entertainment.

  6. Market - Giving access to local entrepreneurs to sustain their work for our place by providing an opportunity to sell directly to the community & giving access to those gathered to support, participate in, + practice "Place Economy" through their purchasing power.



If we can do this, we might guide our entire place to mutually flourish.

so let's rest & party together


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